Saturday, May 18, 2013

Fuzzy Wuzzie Roxie Piccies!

She feeling better. She rarely holds her leg up now or limps, which is a good sign. ^_^
I would of had pics sooner, but she wasn't looking her best at first. Well from having surgery, she couldn't get groomed at all and she was walking hair ball at first. Then when we finally could get her groomed, they had to shave her down to the skin and she was pretty much bald. They even had to cut the curly hair off her ears, because it matted from having so much fur. They are still in the process of growing back. Anyway...

Happy face. I called that her happy face. She usually looks that way when treats, toys, or food are in full view. :)

Hanging out on my father's foot. I have the funniest picture ever of her sleeping on him, but he's not a fan picture on the internet. xD
The big problem with her recovery was her jumping up in chairs. -_- She like to nap in our living room chair and I think she hurt leg more trying to jump up in one. This is older pictures of when first started getting back into bad habit after her last appointment. He said she could go back to her usual routine, but I don't think he had jumping in chairs in mind. We got them all blocked off now.
And now we've blocked off chairs and steps, she beginning to show real progress. We going clean the yard up and hopefully she can get some healthy exercise out there. I might even go back to walking her fully when it gets a bit warmer. Along with strengthening her leg, she might need a diet too. Fuzzy fatso. (kidding) lol


  1. Ah she's so gorgeous. Makes me want to stroke the computer monitor!

  2. She might feel it. xD She just finished rolling around under my desk and chewing lightly on my hand. lol But thanks. She turned out bigger than I thought, but she's as pretty as ever! :)


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