Saturday, January 20, 2018

The Edgars Legacy: Pets! Pets! There's pet and and and... frog kisses? (Pic spammage)

Ahhh! I'm playing sims on a new computer with decrap cc and I reinstalled pets! Oh, the humanity!
Lots of pics in this post. You have been warned!

Luna had become pregnant by Nicolas since I last played.

 She got married to some old dude though. Oh well.

I gave Daniel a much needed makeover.

 I eventually changed his hair though, because he was reminding me of Nic too much.

I forgot pets introduced the ice cream truck. I missed it. Daniel and Nic sure like it.

Dr. Evil is still evil and creepy as hell!

He's watching you...

 I forgot about them little sprite things. Cute.

Katherine introduced dad to the bf...

Smooth moves Lucas.

 Nic had a talk with dear old dad too and he let him know exactly what he thinks of his love life. xD

Cue a pet montage...
Nic and puppies.😍 Got to get a pet for these guys. Want a tough looking pooch though.


At the pet store.

Back to business...

Luna and Nic had a baby girl. She took after mom and is a bouncing werewolf.  Nic may visit his daughter soon.

Daniel is taking up the violin despite me having it in place for Kathrine. 
(That thing never showed up in my game till I decraped it.)

Well Nic rolled a wish to ditch his playboy ways and get married. Aw.
I was having trouble finding him a decent looking chick, so I had him try the well.

 Pucker up. Yuck!

 Ahhh a badly dressed princess!

 She's sorta pretty. That hair is a no.

Better. I did cheat and plump up her lips. I may make her over again styling wise.

Haha, I guess he's technically cheating on Luna? They're not even dating and she married!

Now I leave you with Signa chilling in a lawn chair because it's a freaking robot chilling in a lawn chair!

I must say I'm getting bored and tired of Midnight Hollow. It's darker now with reshade no longer working for me. I'm also running out of pretty or better yet decent looking townies. Like all of them got hit with the fugly stick. I may move them to Dragon Valley one day.

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