Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Senior High: Model Bootcamp- A4 Scores

1st Place
Ashley Owens
This photo almost drove me insane. The setting, the extras, and the poses! 💢😡 I guess it was worth it since I landed in 1st, so yay. 😅😎


I knew from the moment I first read your application that you had a unique ability that would capture someone’s attention eventually. It looks like I am not the only one who thinks that – Anne Summers is a great lady who loves change, unique, and the eccentricities of life. She is a great person to help launch you into the spotlight – I’ll be sure to send over your portfolio once we finish the school year.




Ok. I was drawing a major blank and I just had no ideas when it came to this assignment. I did want to show off her personality more, so I decided she would have to do something jock related at this party. Then I thought about arm wrestling and how cool it would be if she impressed one of the male attendees with her skills. So I went from there and I made an arm wrestling pose (it's not perfect).

Then I grabbed the rest of the poses from my pose hoarder file I got going. I did find the butler one in the midst of looking for outfits. I also think Ashley's pose is an EA animation.

Anywhooo, CAS is a slowass pain and my game makes me want to pull my hair out with the freezing buy/build mode bug. That is all. lol I had to dress all extras in this shoot of course, so it took me a long ass time to get it all coordinated and perfect in CAS. Then my game my froze while building a setting for this. I cursed and was pretty furious that night. I ended up building something more detailed and luxurious though, so I made up for it.

So with disaster avoided I edited in wine (possibly juice) in the butler's wine glasses and I made the shrubby more vibrant with some lighting fixes on the models.

As for story, it was inspired by The Met Ball and Anna Wintour. She's editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine and she holds this snobby Met Ball party every year. Both celebs and models show up. I don't really like Wintour, but I love looking at photos and dresses afterwards on the celeb news sites. She always has a theme too, which makes it even more interesting. I like to think Anne Summers is her kinder whimsical sister. xD

The next assignment is to show my model competing with her fellow classmates for an award and things becoming cutthroat. I don't have any ideas at all, so I'm panicking. I did ask for extension as it's due today (12/20). Hopefully 2 days is enough time to think of something.

Oh deans I have actual good news to report. I know things haven't been going very well with me recently, but things are finally looking up. I can't believe you scored me an invite to Anne Summers' Glitz Ball. She's like the legendary editor-in-chief of Trend Magazine and this ball is the event of all events! I was pretty sure you were kidding at first. Me? Ashley Owens at the Glitz ball with models and starlets? Really?

Thankfully I had my roommate, Amber to support me through the shock and awe of it. She's been my rock and unofficial stylist. She would have been my plus one as I owe her everything, but she got her own invite to my delight. So we went dress shopping, got manicures, and went to an upscale salon together all for the event. We even got to the party on time thanks to her.

So we showed up by limo at the glamorous gates of Anne Summers' mansion. Armed guards escorted us and we were greeted by the sight of pure luxury once inside. Beauty everywhere. We must have look like two idiots frozen in place staring, because familiar faces came towards us laughing and pointing. Noni Eze, Lachlan Maguire, Delilah Lothari, Sabi Chandra, and Kit Kerrigan to be exact.

"Don't look so starstruck ladies, Noni said winking.

"Yeah we got work to do," Lachlan playfully teased.

"Has anyone seen Anne?" Sabi asked excitedly.

Then like the villain in a super hero movie, Jeanette appeared. "Anne is mine! That cover is mine! None of you newbs are allowed to talk to her! Got it?!", she said scowling. Then she looked at me. "And those dang flowers you sent me made me sneeze! You stay far away from me!"

No one said anything. I'm pretty sure my face was bright red at that moment, but I did hear a few snicking as she stormed off. Finally things settled down after she left. I was quite prepared too. I had practice how to sit, eat, and talk like a lady. I ate finger foods, got a few business cards, and danced the night away.

When things began to wind down I found myself on the back deck with Noni and Amber. Amber had her camera taking pictures excitedly while Noni sip wine with a gentleman she came with. When she saw me she gestured for me to come over and she introduced me to him.

"This is my friend, Raheem Beckham. He's a very popular athlete and has been dabbling with modeling recently. I was just talking about you and your classmates." she said looking up from the table.

I smiled and shook his hand. He look suddenly taken aback by me at the instance. "Quite a grip you got there miss." he said eyeing me.

I was at first really embarrassed and weirdly shy, but I really warmed up when he asked me about sports. I practically couldn't shut up actually. Being in a modeling school didn't really provide much opportunity to talk about anything sports related, so I guess I was little backed up in that area. Ha! Luckily the guy was just as eager to talk about the subject and I found myself forgetting my manners as we spoke. Then he challenged me to an arm wrestling match. It was random I know, but he was quite taken by my strength and knowledge.

I hesitated at first thinking about your suggestions, but I dove right in as Noni quickly moved out the way. Both her and Amber didn't leave though to my relief, but they stood by watching. For a minute I found myself over my head with the strength of this guy, but I held my own and even manage to take the lead at times. It was such a fierce match I didn't notice the girls gasping or anyone standing behind me. Only when she spoke did I stand up immediately stopping the match.

"Well this is interesting," Anne Summers herself calmly said looking me up and down. My first instinct was to apologize as I seemed to be getting really good at that lately, but she held up her hand silencing me.

"Anne. You interrupted my match with Ashley here. It was just about to get good," Raheem chimed in.

"I see," she replied. "I was just about to retire for the evening till I saw this young lady here. I was simply so bored of the same faces. Bored to tears. Then I see this exquisite young woman arm wrestling you. Quite a sight. I don't know rather to be shock by your match or her. Madam are you from that bootcamp school? I must have you. You are a breath of fresh air for my creativity and magazine."

"WHAT?" I heard Jeanette scream like clockwork appearing suddenly.

I'm pretty sure I felt the same way. Maybe not as angry, but I was in shock and I'm pretty sure my face matched. She simply waved her hand again silencing Jeanette. Noni seemed pretty amused by that and she flashed me a smile at that moment. Amber just remained quiet while grinning ear to ear. The butler than came in with glasses of wine and juice. He put down his plate on Anne's command and took down my information. I barely could speak as he jotted down everything.

"I would like to put you on my spotlight cover. Yes. You will really capture the reader's interest. How about we toast on it? Are you old enough? Well we have juice as well. Now please get on with your...um...match. Mr. Beckham is a very good friend of mine and I hate to keep him waiting," she cooed and that was all she said that night. She watched us for a moment and disappeared as mysteriously as she appeared.

Things eventually wrapped up then. I said goodbye to everyone as they congratulated me. Even Jeanette who refuse to look or speak to me. I felt sorta bad about leaving her that way. To my relief there was no hard feelings from Amber. We excitedly talked about the whole evening on the limo drive home and she even got some really cool pictures. As for the match I lost, but I certainly won when it came to networking that evening. For once I have no regrets. Thank so much deans for believing in me! I can't hardly wait to appear on the cover of a magazine! Wait till I tell my parents!

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