Tuesday, December 20, 2016

OBITUARIES - A1 & Scores

A1- Death by Water
Drew had no idea that banging his next door neighbor would be hazardous to his health. He thought it would be a typical night of booze and steamy fun in the Jacuzzi, but things turned murderous when his new paramour's ex-con husband showed up unexpectedly. Let's just say "taking a dip" tragically took on a whole new meaning that night.

2nd place!!!! I'll take it! lol I mean like duh why wouldn't I? Especially after 8th place.😁

My mentor for this assignment, Ina helped me think of an idea. The death by hot tub idea specifically. The rest about Drew sleeping with the ex-con's wife was all me. I like to think of Drew as a reckless playboy who gets himself into loads of s**t. xD

I made all 3 of the poses in this photo. The "dumping in the water" poses were the most annoying to make. Blender (the program I use) was being stupid and the poses were just really hard. I was really happy when they all worked correctly.

Then editing was a big deal, because the water in the hot tub had to look disturbed with splashes. I never edit water, so it sorta new for me. Google images helped tho. 👍 Then I added steam, because hot tubs have steam....I think. I'm allergic to chlorine (allergen theme this week?) and I haven't been in a hot tub ever and I don't plan on getting in a pool again ever, so I wouldn't know. 😔

Oh and I also blurred the background to bring the focus more to the front where the action was happening.

Then the setting was fairly easy. I chose lights/lanterns, because I simply liked them. 😅

I agree the angle is funky though. I should have chose the very first pic I took, which was straight-lined.

The next assignment was death by fire. Fire! Bwhahaha!👿 I'm waiting for scores on that. You can take a peek at it on my tumblr. It's X-mas themed. 🎅🎄🔥💀

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