Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Senior High: Model Bootcamp- A3 Scores

Keep forgetting to post this. I got 2 post in regards to this comp.

2nd Place
Ashley Owens
I love this photo, but I f'ed up and didn't do everything that was required, so that's why my scores are low. 😕

Holy crap, Ashley! You could have killed Jeanette. A nut allergy is no laughing matter and I’m seriously glad to hear that Jeanette has fully recovered with no serious damage and only very little emotional scarring. Needless to say – damage control is in my very near future. Here’s the thing about your entry, however...You were asked to think quickly and show us how you could handle a fiasco. It looks like you caused the fiasco, but did nothing to rectify it. A simple apology isn’t going to be sufficient enough when you almost kill someone.



Like I said I messed, so no excuses. I was so focus on the shenanigans I forgot the rectify part of it. I guess I could put a hat on Jeanette or ran her to the hospital at the end. I have no clue, but I was mad that I let my scores take a nosedive. Should have reread it.

Anyway, I made poses for the 3 gold ladies in the back and paid way too much attention on their outfits. Shout out to my international glam model,  Noni Eze for making a cameo. :)

The dressing room was a last minute idea after my photo shoot setting didn't work out. That setting would have looked too similar to my previous setting too, so I'm glad I thought of something else. The dressing room actually turned out nice.

I didn't much editing. Just minor little things here and there. I'm quite pleased with it despite my little hiccup with the writing.

As for my inspiration, I looked to myself. I was watching someone eating a pecan cookie and got the idea. I'm not allergic to cookies or nuts thank goodness, but I found out I'm allergic to cherries now just this year. The corner of my mouth swells up when I eat them. I love cherries.😞 *goes to corner to cry* Oh sorry.... well seemed like a really creative mess up though, so I went with it.

The next assignment will be posted next as I'm a little behind posting these type of post. She got invited to a promotional party where she had to do some networking, so I had to show that.

Hello deans. You want to know about that "incident I take it?" Mr. Lawrence told you I'm sure. *sigh* Things were going so good too, till that happened. I'm still pretty freaked out about it, but since you asked.....I got assigned to work backstage in the dressing room at a magazine photo shoot. I was hoping to work with Sabi more on the wedding shoot or Kit on the Gothic shoot or with Lachlan, but I was stuck being the assistant to the assistant on the Gold and Glam editorial shoot.

Mr. Lawrence was my mentor for the assignment. He seemed to be a very high strung and panicky type. Every little thing seemed to make him jump. He was also very demanding and expected me to know everything.

"Can you do anything?" he rolled his eyes in frustration at me.

I was practically an useless lump of coal to him. I didn't know how to apply makeup. I barely knew how to do my own hair. Then my fashion sense still consist of sweatpants and T-shirts.

Finally, he decided to send me out to get coffee. I thought that seemed pretty easy. Even a simpleton can do that right? Well he sprouted out orders and names like he was a super human computer. Frappuccinos, Cappuccinos, triple mocha lattes, and mocha mocha double stirred with whip cream on top. It all sound like a foreign language to me. I never heard of such drinks. Even when he repeated it I was confused, but I scribbled some notes down and nodded my head completely dazed. Then he starred at me with this really annoyed expression and grabbed me by the shoulders. "Don't you forget about what I said about nuts!" he shirked. Then he hurried off towards the door giving me one last concerned glance. All I could do was smile back while screaming on the inside. "What was he said about nuts?" I kept thinking replaying the list back in my head. My scribbles were definitely no help.

Then the girls came in and I was completely in awe of them. They looked like three golden goddesses. Noni Eze, Jan Klein, and Jeanette Foster. Real super models. I could barely speak as Noni and Jan greeted me remarking on how nice it was to have a new friendly face around. Then reality came rushing back in when Janette came storming up to me. Mr. Lawrence said she was a really strong personality, but geesh was she mean. She yelled and practically spat at me to get her coffee.

"Where's my coffee? Isn't this your job?" she kept repeating over and over again. I didn't respond. I just got my coat and made my way for the door, but I could hear her still yelling rude things at me.

"Darling, is this what they consider models these days?!" she said loudly laughing."Get a grip!"

I just shook my head feeling a rush of anger, but I remained focused on my task. Getting away and getting outdoors really helped my mood too. When I came back they were all sitting there waiting for me. Noni and Jan helped me grabbing coffees from my hands that I was struggling to hold and Jeanette quickly grabbed her coffee storming off before I could even straighten out whose was what!

"Don't worry about her," Noni said to me rolling her eyes. "She's always like that. A real you know what...."

We all laughed and the atmosphere in the room really lighted up then. They asked me about my classes and aspirations to be a model. They gave me a lot of good tips about being myself and using my flaws as strengths. That things like my freckles or Noni's gap or Jan's super pale skin made us all unique and beautiful in our own ways. It was very inspiring. I could have talked to them all day, but my confidence and hope turned into despair when Jeanette returned.

Noni shot up laughing and pointing at her. Jan stood up gasping. I turned to see what the commotion was all about and I just remember my face turning into a mask of fear. Her face look like a red balloon. Her cheeks were puffed out and one eye appeared to be swelling up. She mumbled through the puffiness, "What?" and turned to look into a mirror. Then she began screaming incoherent obscenities before turning her focus to me. "Whaz penut inz da coffee? I tink I got Janz coffeee...." she mumbled. "Itz youz faultz! Youz idddiot!"

All I could do was look on horrified as Mr. Lawrence came back just in time to see the travesty. He screamed looking at Jeanette's swollen face and then he told me to get out at the top of his lungs. It was horrible. I felt so bad. I really hope she'll be ok. She was really rude, but she didn't deserve that. Somehow I knew I was going be blamed for this though. You are blaming me right? I really didn't do it on purpose. I swear!

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