Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Snuggly butt Roxie is still snuggly and I'm still me...

In case you missed them on my tumblr....

This is an adorable distraction from my lack of posting. 

The first pic is from the holidays actually. I was afraid she was going mistake my new slippers as chew toys, but she likes napping on them. xD Then the last 2 pics are recent. I took them the other day. I used a cheerio to get her attention for one and caught her in the recliner for the other. :)

*personal crap alert*

As for me, that lovely disorder of my mines has been acting up and I don't want to up the dose on meds, so I'm sorta here till I'm back to normal. I have my good and bad days. PMDD is hell. Yes that's the name of it. It's out of the bag! Ladies feel free to look that up. Men don't do it at least your girlfriend is having an issues. lol I don't like talking about anything surrounding the female reproductive system, but I'm doing more harm than good hiding it and being ashamed. Didn't even plan to reveal that, but I was like f*** it earlier and mention it on tumblr. It's need awareness, because it's a real thing that I struggle with even with meds now. It's f'ing pain in the ass! So yeah that's my female PSA of today. If  you're grossed out after looking it up, look at Roxie pics and be mesmerized. :P


  1. Roxie is as adorable as ever! Also, I don't think you have anything to be ashamed of, Vid. It's like PMS's sadistic harpy aunt based on the tiny bit of research I just did. Stay strong!

  2. Hehe my little fuzzieball. I rarely get good pics of her. Especially when she's being all snuggly and cute laying on my feet. Gotta catch her when she's being a brat biting my fingers one day.

    She's pretty amazing tho. She always starts licking my leg and bumping me with her nose when I'm upset. Then she'll follow me if I go in my bedroom to be alone. If it wasn't for her and meds, I'll probably would have done something stupid by now.

    I was actually nervous this morning after posting this so it's a relief to see your comment. :) I have probably the serve form of it with serve depression and rage. The mood swings are horrendous for me. The meds help TONS considering how I was. I actually use think about hurting myself when I was going through the depressive part and I would throw things when I experiencing the rage part. It got very scary. Thank GOD I got meds for it now. Now the mood swings are very mild and less frequent, but they can still be over the top sometimes. Then they flare up before and after that lovely time, so I suffer quite a bit at times.

    I refuse to let it ruin my life tho, so I'll stay strong and just deal with it. It can always be worse. At least I'm not like this all the time. O_O


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