Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Possible Sim Story Idea!

After last night’s infuriating Walking Dead finale that I will get to later in another post, I’m thinking about writing my own Walking Dead story. Been thinking about it for awhile actually. I know Neiph has her story called Survive, but I would like to do something like that, Walking Dead, and a Choose Your Own Adventure Story.

Ok let me explain. Each chapter would be posted on my tumblr (maybe here too) every week or so. They would be short little chapters with pics attached. At the end of each chapter will be a decision or path a character could choose. That’s when YOU and the choose your own adventure thing comes in. I will put a poll up with 2 choices. Depending on the most popular choice is what will happen with the character. Each choice and path has it’s own consequences. Some good. Some bad. I’ll try not to do cliffhangers. xD

The story will revolve around 3 main protagonist tho to keep things fresh. Their stories will intertwine at some point, but the narration of each character for the different chapters will remain the same.

If this get any interest I will be posting the very first choice, which leads into the prologue of the first character and the beginning of the zombie apocalypse.

I suck at keeping up with stories, but maybe I won’t get writer’s block if it’s you who’s deciding what’s happening in a sense. Plus this will be my first serious story with original characters. I might throw a TWD cameo in since I made some TWD characters with TS3.

But I know I can be unreliable with stories, but I overwhelmed myself with the Interview With A Vampire story and it ultimately led to my lost of interest in it. Way less pics and shorter chapters should be a lot easier on me. Plus it's based on something I've been following for 6 seasons now. I never read all of the Anne Rice's books, so I was running out of material and painting myself in a corner too. I can't run out of material with original characters and prompts. I shouldn't anyway.

So is anyone is interested at all? Please let me know. Ask questions even. I want to entertain all my followers and anyone out their reading my blogs. :)

P.S. I'm going lighten my load before I do this, so I can focus on stuff I truly want to do like this for example.


  1. I like the idea and enjoy zombies. Not sure if you knew or not though there is a story like that called Outbreak with the vote at the end.

    1. Oh it is? Well it's not an entirely original idea, so I should have known it's been done. You got a link to it? I wouldn't mind reading it. Plus I can change mine if they sound too similar. :)


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