Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Dead On Arrival: Character bios

I’m just going post this right now, because I’m a weirdo night owl and I’m excited…
Full names: Matthew & Nathan Parker

Nicknames: Matthew: Matt (his brother sometimes calls him Matty to be irritating).
                                     Nathan: Nate

Ages: Early 30s (identical twins)

Occupations: Mathew: Advertisement Executive

Nathan: Orderly/Nurses Assistant

Personalities: Matthew is the oldest and a straight-laced workaholic. Before the apocalypse he lived for work and only work causing the relationships in his life to be damaged. Now he may struggle to hold it all together. Nathan is the youngest brother and a total goof off compare to his brother. He had a zest for life before the apocalypse, but he may just question everything as he tries to survive.

Full name: Vincent Martez

Nickname: Vince

Ages: Late 20s

Occupations: Professional Thief and criminal

Personalities: A bad boy with a good heart. He has struggle all his life to provide for his family. With the lack of opportunities to better himself he turned to a life of crime. The apocalypse may just be the one way he can escape his past and redeem himself. 

Full name: Audrey Anderson

Dree o Drea

Ages: Early 20s

Occupations: Slacker and gamer

Smart, nerdy, sarcastic, loner, introverted, childish, and cold. Audrey was bullied throughout her life. She grew up with a lot anger and resentment towards the world around her. Her only sanctuary was safety of her video games. It helped her cope with harsh realities of life, but with the shock apocalypse she may have to find her place in this new scary world where the monsters are real and there’s no cheat codes.

Note: Audrey was entered in Survive and I used @sommeliersims arcade for her photo. :)

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