Monday, March 14, 2016

Dark Shadowz Cycle 10- Finale Scores

I got 1st on the actual assignment, but I got 2nd with my overall scores. I think that's fair since I didn't start producing really good pics till the end. xD

Vid & Ethan Mont
90 points

Photo Quality: 9/10
Photo Presentation: 9/10
Creativity of Photo: 9/10
Creativity of Story: 13/15
Relation to Assignment: 5/5
Total: 45/50
Oooh, I know you had a long-ish story here, but I think it ended too abruptly lol I wanted to know more – what did the aloof boy want to do now that he had the three Deathly Hallows? What made the three friends turn their backs on one another so quickly? Why did death want this to happen – now the boy is stronger than he is! I had so many questions! I really liked your photo as well. Good work on this finale. I enjoyed your entry.

Photo Quality: 8/10
Photo Presentation: 9/10
Creativity of Photo: 9/10
Creativity of Story: 14/15
Relation to Assignment: 5/5
Total: 45/50
I enjoyed this a lot, Vid! I like the idea you took on, and you did it very nicely. I loved the story, and the uniqueness of it. I think it was tied in nicely with the picture. I enjoyed the darkness of it, and I feel like it was really thought out. I think my favorite thing here was the picture. It is so interactive and everyone is doing something different. I love the poses, the expressions, styling, all! The blood is also getting nicer! I can’t find much to complain about so good job!

This assignment was Harry Potter themed. I had to incorporate all three of the deathly hollows in one photo and base my story on the tale. It took quite awhile to think of something and I was still really unsure about what I was doing. Last time I based my story on another story it ended being to close to the original. I had to be careful not to do that again. So I decided to use some elements and make my own twisted version of the tale. Instead of three brothers, I decided to have 3 friends. Instead of the 3 going off on their own with their hallows, they were blinded by greed and each wanted all three to themselves. So it has some elements, but it's not a carbon copy. Yay!

Now pulling this off in a pic seemed feasible after thinking of the story, but showing an invisible cloak seemed impossible. Well till I stumbled upon photoshop for free and a cool evaporating effect. Muhahahaha! It's called sandstorm. It's sorta hard to use, but I got it to work for me. I know the invisible cloak doesn't work like that, but I wanted to show off the effects of each Hallow and show the cloak in midst of making Ethan invisible. I figured I should save the coolest Hallow and effect for my main dude. lol

As for other editing and technical stuff, Ethan was cut out and placed on the background with the rest of the crew. Then I used a lot filters and use magic effects for the wand. I knew Ethan's editing was going be the hardest and the most important piece, so I focused on him for the most part. B/w Ethan's pose and Shawn's pose was made by me. Ethan's pose is the best, but Shawn is eh alright. Didn't have time to improvise and use someone else poses. I would have liked too, but sometimes it's just easier to make it yourself when you got a solid idea.

Fun fact: Ethan's bestie and sometimes dude, Shawn is the one with the wand. Elizabeth Strange, who I often consider Ethan's cousin is the one with the resurrection stone. They were both featured in my first photo for this.

I really enjoyed this comp. I regret not making photos and stories like this in the beginning. I think this may have ignited my creativity again, so maybe I needed to struggle through it. xD I hope I can produce some more creepy fun stories in the future. :)

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