Sunday, March 20, 2016

Edgars' Legacy: Immortal Love no more

Rise and shine immortal ones. A new legacy post is here. 
I know it's been awhile, but I got a really a good update for ya. Might be worth the wait. Definitely had fun playing the other day. :) Ok enough talking. On to the good stuff....

I found Snowflake and Dr. Evil in Nic's pocket, so they made the move unscathed. 
Unfortunately Evil is back being an arse. Don't dirty up the new house! 
Daniel is trying out some new looks while feeding their new goldfish, Poison Party. Yes that's the fish's name. I'm not sure if Wibs or the game did that, but I love it. xD
Anyway, I finally settled on this hair for him. It suits him. :)
He then checked out the new fire place.
Joyce meanwhile deiced to play some games on the laptop.
But she was interrupted by an very unhappy Daniel. I guess he's angry about the alleged affair.
Later that day, Daniel encounter his sister and this face. 
But he approved. lol
Kathy decided to visit her parent's house again. Henry has taken a liken to Nic's former pet dragon.
I don't know if she's sneezing or laughing. lol
Mom wasn't home and dad look lonely, so he decided to come home with Kathy for a visit.
Nic got off from work in time to see his dad and sis talking in the kitchen.
Him and dad weren't seeing eye to eye though.
They got into an argument. Hopefully they can make up and get closer. :/
Speaking of arguments, Daniel and Joyce were still not getting along the next day. 
Joyce stomped off to her room.
While Daniel ran across the street to his mother.
Mom aged from a YA to an adult, so she's older now.
While Daniel hung out at his parent's house, Joyce decided to do some relaxing on their bed. With a coy expression on her face she called for Nic to meet her in her room.
Nic sat down in the chair confused.
She stood up to remind him of their little fling.
He got the message. 
Things got steamy between them.
Kathy decided to make things even more steamier.
While they made love under the sheets...
Daniel walked in!
Uh oh!
The brothers fought.

But Daniel's anger turn to Joyce.
Pigtail wearing and rubber ducky bathing, Kathy heard the commotion before heading to bed.
She gave Joyce a good slap the next morning.
So Joyce decided to have some time alone in the snow with summer clothes and a snow cone. 
So peaceful. It's too bad the peace is over in the house

So it looks like Joyce and Daniel are heading for divorce. Henry and Katarina are heading for old age. While everyone else is trying to figure out their love lives. B/w Kathy got a new job as a fashion designer. I haven't played with that career in ages. I kinda liked it. I don't know about now, but it should be an interesting change. 

So that's it! I got more pics, so the next update should be soon. Stay tuned! :D

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