Tuesday, February 20, 2018

So I made these for Valentines day. Sweethearts Pose Pack.

This was originally made for Valentines Day for Tumblr. I meant to post them here, but I've been sick this whole weekend. Sorry guys. It consists of 4 poses. The female poses require the books accessory here. You can use the ones here too. They’re the same, but different covers. I haven’t tested them with other accessories, but I recommend the books because it looks funny without them. 
Inspiration: The 1st set of poses were originally made for a competition photo I did a while back. The pic is still on my Flickr here. I always had plans to release them and I managed to save them on my USB drive when my old pc died at the end of last year. So I tweaked them and added another set to them making a pose pack.Valentines Day just kind of gave me an excuse to finish them. Spur of the moment really.
Known Issues: Her fingers don’t wrap around the back of the books exactly, so be careful with the angle of your photos. It can be fixed in editing. Not a big deal. The biggest issue though is her knees are wonky from the side view because I shortened her. The pose will automatically shorten the sim using the female poses.

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P.S. Probably update my customs blog with my lastest poses, but that blog going end up being an archive most likely. 


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