Friday, September 2, 2016

Selfies explosion (brought to you by tumblr)

Roxie pooooo. smh. She's never camera ready.

 I'm obsessed with chokers now hence the thing on my neck above. This flower one is one of my favs. It's so cute. <3

Now the big news. Well if you haven't heard, I got new glasses!

Before and After
Old and New.
If you look closely you can see a diamon fell out the old Coach ones.
I feel like the old ones bring out my eyes more. They also are lighter. Really loose too since the optician lady had no clue what she was doing when she was tightening them. >_< I'm hoping to rectify that problem tomorrow or sometime this week coming. The constant sliding down my nose is very annoying.

B/w Roxie is fine. Just in case you were wondering. ^_^

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