Friday, September 25, 2015

Some selfies and a Roxie :P

Just some rl photos I took recently.

Princess Roxie in her pile of toys.
Me with a Japanese hand fan.

Me with a new hat. I usually don't like smiling with my teeth showing, but I was in a good mood and I'm trying to be more confident. xD
 I dragged Roxie into the mix.  Literally. She hates taking pictures.

 This is my favorite. She starting licking me if you can't tell. I almost bust out laughing.
Other than that, me and Roxie are doing ok. My meds are working and Roxie is still healthy. *knocks on wood* 

I'm slowly becoming more active and I'm not anemic anymore. Well not at the moment. I started eating more salads, so maybe that's why. I think I've lost weight. When I went to the doctor the scale was about the same as when I started dieting. It upset me a bit, but I kept on and changed my eating habits even more. My face does look thinner in these pictures, but that could be my imagination. I can say that my old comfy pjs are a bit too big for me now, so maybe I lost something. My grandmother definitely thinks so and she my worse critic (I'm glad she is b/w). lol

I'm also still job hunting. It's really tough to find a job. Especially one close by. I'm checking everyday, so maybe something will turn up.

Anyway, I hope you like the photos and my new winter hat. :)

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